Weekly Fish Toss

Tuesday afternoon this anhinga was competing in the weekly marsh fish toss contest. They are awarded points on skill, distance, accuracy, and of course style! You have to look good while tossing your fish.

No big surprise I’m sure, but we have this week’s winner right here. First prize is handed out by the alligators and it’s a promise by them to leave the anhingas alone for an entire week and not eat anybody.

Good luck with them keeping that promise.

Anhinga Tossing His Fish

10 thoughts on “Weekly Fish Toss

  1. Love, love, LOVE the caption! Hilarious! The fish should have a competition of their own, you know! The most creative “evasive maneuver-er” on the marsh. There’s more to life than being a meal, ya’ knaw?!

  2. It looks like the fish is trying to fly away, but alas those fins can’t generate enough power to overcome gravity. Wonderful, fun shot (albeit not so much for the fish).

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