Stormy Day At The Marsh

Well we have a tropical system lurking off the South Carolina coast right now that promises to bring rain, wind, and rough surf to the area for the weekend and into early next week. The sky doesn’t really look especially threatening and we actually expect periods of clearing followed by more bouts of rain as the system moves through.

I grabbed a break in between showers this afternoon to head over to the marsh to see how everybody was making out.

Here is a view looking north across the salt marsh with a higher then normal tide almost entirely covering the tall reeds out there.

I saw a few alligators out and they looked totally depressed. It’s May so it’s supposed to be warm and sunny, just how they like it, not grey, windy and rainy. I felt particularly bad for this one young little guy who looked completely miserable in among some of the pond muck and weeds.

There were a couple of brave flyers out battling the stiff gusts including this great blue heron and egret, but most optional flying will likely be curtailed for the weekend anyway.

Stormy Day at the Marsh

Stormy Day at the Marsh

Stormy Day at the Marsh

Stormy Day at the Marsh

Stormy Day at the Marsh

15 thoughts on “Stormy Day At The Marsh

  1. Great Shots, cant believe a tropical storm before the hurricane season even started, even the alligator and birds are wondering, especially the alligator, the picture of him looks like hes willing to get to anywhere, even thru the muck to get away from it, very smart……thanks again Phil

    • The alligators were smarter than the birds these past couple of days. They were laying low by ducking in close to the marsh edge while the dopey herons were using up way too much energy flying around. So far today the rain has increased.

  2. One might think those larger, heavier birds would have a harder time flying, but apparently they have to wing span to compensate. Lovely shot of your flooded swamp.

    • The alligators in particular do not seem to like the wind at all. The birds should know enough to seek shelter but some do have to find food so not much choice I suppose.

  3. I love your images, Phil. I was thinking about you with that weather I see in your area. Right now it is just hanging and moving slowly. I hope you get to miss and damage it may cause.

    • The wind and rain really came in the middle of the night. Blew the cover off my grill and soaked it and also our back porch furniture but no real damage around here so far. Just a rainy day right now. I may go look at the beach and see what that looks like.

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