Windy Today

We still have that tropical system lurking off our coast and the wind gusts have really picked up.

I took advantage of a break in the rain when the sun came out and headed out to the marsh. There were several egrets out attempting to fly as best they could but were getting blown all over the place.

Tropical storm or not, they still need to eat and this skillful bird came up with two fish on one attempt!

After a short time the wind had blown me off the marsh too, so I left them alone to fend for themselves.

Egret Fighting The Wind

Egret With Two Fish

22 thoughts on “Windy Today

    • Our tropical system is coming in on us from the ocean side so winds are particularly gusty here along the coast. Blew the cover off my grill last night and soaked it. Not good.

    • I’m happy you enjoyed the egret photos. I was surprised they were even out in the high wind conditions and even more surprised how much energy they used chasing each other around. I would think finding food would be more important than arguing but what do I know?

  1. No grocery stores for the animal kingdom…well, there are zoos but that’s no way to live…so storms or not it’s out we go to fish or hunt. I am not sure whether our self-removal from that system is for the better. Two at once…what a talent. Good luck with Ana, Phil.

    • Overnight the storm kind of whipped up a bit and then rained all of today but no real damage that I saw.
      Maybe this egret knew he had to maximize his fishing efforts due to worsening conditions so that twofer deal was a good idea.

  2. Amazing to see that huge wing grazing the water like that! Those two little fish almost appear to be calm and composed about becoming the Egret’s next snack . . . fascinating to see this so clear and close-up.

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