He Did It Again!

Yesterday I was watching this blue heron fishing at the edge of the marsh, when once again our pro fishing expert came up with two fish on one attempt!

I guess there is nowhere else to go from here but hope for a threefer. If anybody can do it, this heron will.

GBH Does It Again with Two Fish

GBH Does It Again with Two Fish

28 thoughts on “He Did It Again!

  1. Brilliant shots, Phil. Mr. GBH is a force to be reckoned with. I’m sure his reputation precedes him, and those fishies shiver in their shoes when they see that beak coming for them. 😯

    • He is definitely head GBH out there and especially since our pal Radar has been missing for over two months now. We suspect he is off with a family but will return. He won’t be happy to find this guy working his favorite fishing spot.

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