Only Room for One

As soon as I arrived at the salt marsh this morning the first thing I saw was an apparent stand off between these two young alligators.

They faced each other down for a brief instant, but things escalated quickly when the one on the left lunged out and chased off his competitor. Once that task was accomplished, the victorious warrior was able to lay there with a smug look on his proud face.

The vanquished intruder floated off meekly not to be seen again for the rest of the morning, but there really is plenty of room for everybody.

Our brave gladiator did pick up a little friend later on however. A small plover took a liking to him and followed along the edge of the marsh for a while as the alligator scooped up some hard earned breakfast.

Alligator Fight and Fish in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fight and Fish in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fight and Fish in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fight and Fish in Salt Marsh

Alligator Fight and Fish in Salt Marsh

25 thoughts on “Only Room for One

  1. Am chuckling, I can almost hear and feel the water splash all over re: second pic. Your pictures and stories never cease to amaze, Phil! …Please say “Hello” to all our creature friends at the marsh this morning. 😀

    • It all happened and was all over so quick, I didn’t even know at the time if I captured anything other than the splash. But at least we can see some alligator heads and faces there. Thanks for looking and commenting!

    • Glad you liked that one. I literally had just arrived and these were the first shots I took. Got lucky in that I had the camera set in advance for settings that were more or less appropriate for getting some action. I otherwise had no time to set anything.

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