Summer Storm

I was over at the marsh this afternoon checking out some of the usual egrets, herons, wood storks and alligators, when I looked up and saw these ominous clouds rapidly approaching from the north and west.

Once the thunder and lightning started I knew a thunderstorm was moving in.

Since I only had the telephoto with me on the regular camera, I whipped out the phone just for a couple of quick grab shots of the developing darkness.

The first picture is looking north across the salt marsh and, as the main storm clouds advanced east, I quickly headed over to the beach where I took the second shot of the storm heading out across the ocean.

Interestingly, we never got a single drop of rain. Often the ocean breeze will beat back an approaching storm and apparently, despite some lightning and thunder, that’s what happened here.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the usual wildlife photos. 🙂

Storm Clouds

Storm Clouds

25 thoughts on “Summer Storm

    • Thanks Maggie, and yes the high pressure system we are (still) currently experiencing will often bring along thunder storms and dynamic clouds. It all usually passes by quite quickly as it did here. It cooled things off for about ten minutes then all went right back to hot again.

  1. Wow, those are some amazing shots, the storms lately everywhere are some good pics to take, you phone takes great shots, it doesnt matter what kind of phone it is, its the photographer behind the phone that matters…same goes for the best cameras…its always the photographer…thanks Phil

    • I don’t don’t have kind of big fancy phone but it is handy to have around for times such as this. Not much choice anyway, I left a $3,000 camera with a wide angle lens sitting home in the bag. Oh well. 🙂

    • You want to see more skys?! I will seriously work on that. I might start posting some more environmental stuff showing the area where we live. Just the everyday stuff that people will hopefully like. Don’t know if it will go over as well as the alligators though. 🙂

    • That’s really interesting. I was just remarking to Scott that maybe I should give serious consideration to showing some more environmental kinds of photos of stuff that I often see around here. When I do that the TV news affiliate here often shows pics I get on the nightly news. Maybe I’ll put more here. 🙂

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