Well Someone Is Cranky In The Morning

Early this morning there were some various egrets feeding in the salt marsh among the oyster beds. Suddenly this one snowy came swooping in and felt compelled to immediately chase off his friend.
Snowys are like that…they don’t need a specific reason to create a huge fuss, just the mere presence of another snowy is all it takes for a skirmish to break out.
It all ends just as quickly as it starts though, soon all is forgiven and forgotten. Well, until the next time.

Snowy Fight in the Salt Marsh


15 thoughts on “Well Someone Is Cranky In The Morning

  1. Gorgeous shot, Phil. I know from experience how hard it is to get a proper exposure of pure white birds and the lighting in this image is spectacular. Your title reminds me of the old, old joke: “Do you wake up cranky in the morning? No, I usually let him sleep.”

    • Thanks a million Mike I appreciate it. Those white birds can present all sorts of issues regarding exposure, and especially in the morning when I’m the one most likely to be a bit cranky.

  2. Phil, What a beautiful photograph of egrets on the oysters, I enjoy your posts everyday. Thank you again for airing your talent. S

  3. That’s a funky hairdo on the newcomer. The fuss may be over too quickly, but you always manage to capture it 🙂 Brilliant as always with great light on those wings.

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