In The Muck

With the heat wave we have been experiencing this week, the widgeon grass in the marsh has been exploding and bringing along with it some sort of yellow pond gunk.

This alligator doesn’t look particularly happy to have found himself surrounded by this unsightly mess. But of course. it was his idea to swim into it in the first place. Sure, there may be some fish swimming just under the surface of the weeds, but maybe it’s not worth the extra effort and aggravation.

Gator in the Muck

14 thoughts on “In The Muck

    • At first he seems perplexed and annoyed over thus new environmental situation. But then he just accepted it as normal. They do swim in some yucky swampy water anyway. 🙂

    • Yes, this time of year especially with our current heat wave going on two weeks the pond area will suffer the most unlike the salt marsh which gets freshened and recycled twice each day with the coming and going of the tide.
      We have had a brief thunder storm come in and dump in some new water but are hoping for temps to drop a bit to avoid a huge fish kill. Although the alligators love a good fish kill.

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