“Don’t Bother Me Pal, Go after The Other Guy”

As a young alligator begins to creep up on the fishing egret, the bird initially ignores the gator until it starts to glide in a bit closer.

Keep in mind the egret is fully capable of flying off and leaving the area, but chooses not to at this point. Instead, the egret appears to redirect the alligator’s attention over to his nearby friend who clearly has no idea what is going on.

That plan seems to work perfectly as the gator turns and veers off toward the other unsuspecting egret.

Of course nothing really happens and all egrets are just fine because the alligator was diverted once again by a passing fish which was more than likely his intended prey of choice that morning to begin with.

It never fails to amaze me how the two species can actively feed in a close proximity to one another with (as usual) only the fish coming out on the losing end of the whole deal.

Egret Chases Off Gator

Egret Chases Off Gator

Egret Chases Off Gator

Egret Chases Off Gator

16 thoughts on ““Don’t Bother Me Pal, Go after The Other Guy”

    • Thanks so much!
      Sometimes I can just walk up on a scene like this and there it is, just waiting for me. In a case like this one I’ll wait hoping the alligator will come close to the birds. Never very long though, if it looks like it won’t happen I’ll continue on along looking for something else. 🙂

    • It still amazes me how casual both the birds and the alligators will be with each other. I won’t go as far as saying they are working together, but many times I will see birds deliberately land right where an alligator is feeding because they know the gators often get the fish stirred up making them easier to catch.

  1. The alligator wanted fish for his dinner instead of bird which is a good thing.
    Amazing how they can live in each other’s company in the marsh.

    • I think the alligators are more tricky and dangerous when they go hunting submerged under the water in stealth mode. The big surprise jump and grab is what the bird never wants to have happen.

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