“Get Out and Stay Out!”

An osprey was chased away by a Red-winged Blackbird yesterday morning. The blackbird must have a nest in the area and doesn’t want the osprey getting too comfortable flying around the general area.

The blackbird might be somewhat confused because it’s unlikely that an osprey who prefers fresh caught fish will attack a nest. The hawk would be the more likely culprit in that scenario, but I suppose they all look around the same to a blackbird. In any case, it’s best to be safe when protecting a nest.

Osprey Chased By RWBB

16 thoughts on ““Get Out and Stay Out!”

  1. Love the clarity of your photography, shows every detail, beautiful pics, care to share your secrets or what you use to gain so much clarity and fineness of your pictures, no photoshop here…..and thats what makes it even better.!!!

    • Thanks very much Linda I’m thrilled you like the photo and as you mentioned I don’t fake anything with Photoshop, what you see is actually what happened. I don’t have any special secrets, I use a Canon 7D and a 300mm lens often with a 1.4 extender. I just try to observe and learn the behavior of the wildlife and anticipate what they might do, that’s kind of the fun in it. 🙂

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