Well Finally, A Clean One!

I’ve been giving the white ibis kind of a hard time lately calling them ‘muddy ibis’ and other unflattering terms because of their propensity to be filthy.

They spend so much walking around in mud, which gets their feet muddy. They’re  constantly sticking those long curved bills in mud, which gets their faces dirty. Plus they somehow always manage to get mud and dirt all over their feathers.

So it was refreshing when earlier this week I took some flight shots of a passing white ibis and it really was white! And clean! Even its’ feet!

Wow. Amazing. This guy is truly deserving of the name….White Ibis. 🙂

Clean White Ibis

Clean White Ibis

15 thoughts on “Well Finally, A Clean One!

  1. Looking at this spotless, rather striking bird, no wonder the ancient Egyptians considered them sacred! Thea has gone home now and I really miss her witty comments, looking at your pictures together!

    • Well we better not let then know about that Egyptian sacred thing, don’t want them getting major attitudes like the alligators. 😉
      Too bad your little wildlife commenting friend has left, but I’m sure you are looking forward to her next visit. 🙂

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