Snowball? Nope

Yesterday afternoon I saw what I thought was a fairly common snowy egret flying high across the marsh, and just for the heck of it I snapped off one quick shot. When I looked at the photo later I realized it was a juvenile little blue heron and not a snowy at all.

Little blues start off life as all white youngsters then gradually morph into “tweeners” with a patchwork of blue and white before eventually becoming the all blue (with a touch of maroon) adults that we more commonly see.

I don’t know where the little blues nest, but we see many more adults then we do these bright white juveniles.

Juvenile Little Blue Heron

10 thoughts on “Snowball? Nope

    • It’s so funny because right around the time I took this shot I was talking to a photographer friend of mine about how we haven’t realky been seeing any LBH juvies this summer. Glad you liked this one.

    • One odd thing about this summer though… we have been getting skunked by the spoonbills. Other than that single one back last month, nothing. Bad birds! 😦
      Thanks for checking this out!

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