Heading Back

There must have been 120 wood storks out in the salt marsh today.

After a busy day of fishing small groups, as well as single individuals, started to head back to the trees for their afternoon roost.

They have kind of a rough looking face, but they’re quite interesting birds.

Wood Stork Leaving the Salt Marsh

Wood Stork Leaving the Salt Marsh

18 thoughts on “Heading Back

  1. The top picture reminds me of the lines of concord. But I suppose aeroplanes have always emulated birds. Just not as elegantly. Sorry I’ve been absent.WP did the usual trick of dropping you from my follows, and I suddenly thought, Where’s Phil?!

    • I totally understand with the WP dropping off people situation. Several times I just would not see posts from those I followed and I just figured they don’t post anymore.
      Thanks for checking out these lovelies! 😀

    • It’s funny with the wood storks, sometimes one will take off and the rest will follow that same line so I can hopefully track a few. Doesn’t always happen but sometimes… 🙂

  2. They look so good with the tree background. I have a soft spot for these guys, and really enjoy their ancient looks.

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