Crab For Lunch

Earlier this week we were watching as this alligator appeared to be stalking something in the marsh right around lunch time. Of course it’s always lunch time with these guys.

It was interesting to see the big guy acting all quiet and sneaky until he finally plunged through the water and came up with what he was after the whole time. Fresh crab! These blue crab are a real favorite of the alligators who seem to derive particular satisfaction from the extra crunch the crabs provide.

I instantly knew crab was going to be on the lunch menu as soon as our gator friend lifted up his head and started chewing. I could see the crab being systematically disassembled by the hungry boy with each opening of those large jaws.

As Mr. A was busy crunching, I was able to approach a bit closer knowing the alligator was interested only in his meal. Once the full crunch was completed you can see his throat expand to give the crab entrée room to slide down into his belly.

He also seemed to have a somewhat satisfied look on his face once lunch was over.

One other funny note though… crab was not the only item this boy had for lunch. Just prior to the crab hunt, a man nearby me had some cash that he was holding blow out of his hand and float down into the water where Mister A promptly ate $11 as an appetizer. 🙂

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

Alligator Crunching Crab

31 thoughts on “Crab For Lunch

  1. I thought this was a case of “Thea!”. However, I laughed so much at the last paragraph that I forgot the previous pics! No wonder he looked satisfied – maybe he’ll pop to the store and get some french fries to go with the next crab!

  2. Love, love, LOVE these shots!!! And the narrative of course! That’s our Mr. A…who else dare say they know how $11 taste like?

    On another subject – any recent news about Radar?

    • Glad you liked seeing our *very* hungry Mr. A! He now knows better then me what $11 tastes like. 😀
      Well…thanks for asking and sadly, still no sightings of Radar which is highly unusual. We have people watching for him every day but still nothing. I believe the last time I saw him was early Feb. of this year. 😦

    • That’s thee best part of seeing one catch a crab…you pretty much know he will lift his head up out of the water to munch it hopefully giving us a nice view. Bad news for Crabby though.

  3. Just showed your photos to my boys, ages 4 and 6, who were on the deck watching Mr. A eat his crab while you were taking these pictures! We are back in Michigan now and how fun to find these online and know that we were there 🙂 Thank you, Phil!! Awesome!

    • Oh wow! I’m so happy you folks found the site and got to see the gator/crab photos! I remember you all quite well. And were you the people that lost the $11 I wrote about?! 😮 😀
      Thanks again for checking in here!

  4. Nope, not our money! The boy who lost it was with a group of kids camping out there that weekend (from the inner city according to their counselor). We were just leaving the deck and they called us back when they spotted the gator. We would’ve missed him. My boys were tickled to see him go for the dough, as well. Beautiful pictures on your site. Learning (now) the names of the birds we saw that day!

    • Well it sure was a funny aspect of the whole event, those alligators will pick up and eat some odd things.
      Check out this series from 2013 where a gator grabbed and ate a pink flip flop. I took these photos from the very same walkway as the alligator eating the crab sequence, just on the opposite side.
      Again, thanks very much for looking and I appreciate your interest in my photos and the various wildlife seen at HBSP! 😀

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