This Is What We Are Waiting For

When spoonbills arrive in the marsh they often join a group of wood storks which could also include an assortment of egrets and herons.

These shots from two weeks ago are what we are hoping to see any day now. After our five pink visitors left the area back in late August we have been eagerly awaiting their return and hope to see some pink fly ins soon.

We miss our big goofy pink friends. 🙂

Waiting For Spoonbills

Waiting For Spoonbills

12 thoughts on “This Is What We Are Waiting For

  1. A wood stork has turned up on Grand Bahama, a very rare occurrence indeed. A friend had flown over there from Abaco (where they are unrecorded) to check it out. Devotion! He’d see a great many more if he made the trip to Fl.!

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