The Rain Is Beginning To Wind Down

Thankfully the rain today was reduced to light drizzle for most of the afternoon and into the evening. But there is damage everywhere and lots of neighborhoods and businesses are still under water.

We went over to the marsh area this afternoon to check on the wildlife. There were lots of birds out looking very confused and still a bit panicked. They had a difficult time trying to fly against heavy wind gusts so many opted to just sit in a tree all day. But food still had to be hunted and acquired, so those that were most hungry were out fishing despite the weather.

This snowy egret was actually fishing on a sidewalk near one side of the marsh area. The sidewalk, like many nearby roads, was under water.

One great egret was seen battling the wind as he flew across the causeway.

At one point I saw an osprey up, then heard some squeaking and quickly noticed a young bald eagle up even higher than the osprey but both birds were able to glide effortlessly by working the wind currents.

This alligator sign at the marsh pond is supposed to be on land about four feet above water level but is now almost totally submerged.

Supposed to be some sun (what’s that?) out tomorrow and certainly by Wed. We all can’t wait, that includes the alligators who I know have had it with the rain same as the rest of us.

Last Day of Rain

Last Day of Rain

Last Day of Rain

Last Day of Rain

Last Day of Rain

29 thoughts on “The Rain Is Beginning To Wind Down

  1. I can’t believe what I see on the news, Phil! I had no idea it was going to be so bad for y’all. Please keep safe out there… I hope all of the wild things have found shelter and high ground as well.

    • It’s been crazy here with many sad stories too. Last I heard was nine storm related deaths in the state so far. My friend who is the Chief Meteorologist for our local ABC TV news affiliate said if the rain we had were snow, it would be the equivalent to 18 feet of snow!
      The birds and other wildlife are acting confused and a bit desperate. Some are just huddled in trees while others were battling the wind gusts trying to locate food.
      One good sign though… we saw a rainbow today at the inlet looking east out over the ocean. 🙂

  2. The changes related to global warming are starting to become more evident everywhere. The swings in weather and the consequences are greater. Because of the extended drought here we are seeing more of the younger trees die. We are seeing wetter storms and droughts that are more severe and longer with greater consequences.

    • They are calling this the “Thousand Year Rain” now. From what I’ve been told if this were snow it would have been the equivalent to 18 feet of snow. Things are getting crazy out there for sure.

    • That sounds more like our normal summer weather here. June, July, and Aug. were incredibly hot and we all needed to grow gills in order to breathe with all the humidity in the air.

  3. Phil, I am so sorry to read about the awful situation where you are! I always think that at least we humans can understand what is happening but the poor birds and animals can’t. Wishing you all well and thinking of you.

    • It’s of course impossible to say for sure, but the wildlife appears shocked and confused. Can’t blame them, that’s how most of us feel. Thanks for checking in Maggie.

  4. Phil, had been thinking and praying for you and all the good folks in SC, and of course our wildlife friends all over the park. So glad to see the rainbow! Am sure the warmth of the sun, now, touching you all is a tremendous comfort to the soul. Keeping tabs on the news – so many properties destroyed not to mention lives lost. Is your area ok with drinking water? “Hugs” and love to all the people and wildlife at the park.

    • We are pretty much OK right where we are, and the animals are coping as best they can. We have also been checking on the goats over at the inlet and they seem to have made it fine.
      The beach is a bit beat up and we lost dunes which is quite unfortunate. Water is ok, Thanks!

  5. Hey Phil,
    I haven’t been online much lately, but was thinking about you this past week and weekend being down in South Carolina. I’ve been seeing the videos (mostly of Charleston and Columbia) and know you guys were getting hammered. So devastating! We have all had our share of rain and are sick of it, but thankfully didn’t get bombarded like our neighbors down south. I really hate to hear the news about your Mother, Phil. Thanks for sharing that picture of the rainbow… hopefully, that’s a sign of better days to come. ;o) It’s very good to see you have a positive attitude with all you are dealing with, and we all really appreciate you taking the time to maintain this site. You are a true inspiration (whether you know it or not). I wish you and your family all the best, Phil.
    Take care buddy!

    • Hey thanks very much Mick, I appreciate you checking in on us and great to see you here. We made it through everything fairly well which is lucky. Can’t imagine there being more water out there ever again. One estimate I heard was that this rain was equivalent to 18 feet of snow.
      My mom is hanging in and we just take that as it comes, not a lot any of us can do at this point.
      Really appreciate your good thoughts, thanks a bunch!

  6. So glad to hear that you’re safe after such a storm Phil. The winds were wicked here on the Chesapeake Bay as well. The birds hunkered down but now that the sun has come out, they’re busy catching up on foraging.

    • Glad you folks are OK and we were promised sun for today but saw none at all. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice so we shall see. The birds and alligators here are coping as best they can, looks like most made it through fine, at least we hope so. 🙂

  7. Very sorry for all the damages, Phil and hope the remaining dams hold and the water recedes rapidly,so the long struggle of recovery can begin, Many People have lost almost all their possessions and hopefully those of us more fortunate will try to help. Also hope your mom will have a speedy recovery! We had very high water on the Chickahominy, but were saved by Joaquin not coming up the Chesapeake Bay, which initially was shown as a possible route! Take care!

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