Mixed Activity Out Today

It was still a recovery day from the heavy rains and winds for much of the wildlife over by the marsh this afternoon.

Some birds were still just sitting in trees looking confused and exhausted, while others were out in full force hunting for food.

There were a few alligators around but they were not doing much and they seemed as shocked as everyone else about the conditions of things. The water is super high everywhere and even at low tide, the water level in the salt marsh remained high. It was almost as if there wasn’t a low tide at all anymore. Impossible, but that’s how it appeared.

Most of what we saw out there today was some egrets, blue herons, ibis, and ospreys flying around and searching for a meal.

Here are a few egrets from today, doing their best I’m sure under the circumstances.

Egrets Active After the Storm

Egrets Active After the Storm

Egrets Active After the Storm

Egrets Active After the Storm


14 thoughts on “Mixed Activity Out Today

  1. Great set, Phil. The inflight shots are outstanding as always and I love the close up of the egret munching on the little fish. My younger daughter was commenting on how white the egrets manage to stay even after playing in the mud all day. She said maybe they use magic shampoo to keep so clean and white. ;o)
    Happy shooting tomorrow. Maybe you’ll finally see some sun again.
    Take care,

    • Well your daughter is quite correct, the egrets do indeed generally stay very clean and very white, even the snowys. The white ibis however are a different story, they are often filthy. We don’t call them ‘muddy ibis’ for nothing. 🙂

    • Things are still kind of crazy out there. Some area rivers have yet to crest and no one seems to know how the salt marsh can look almost the same at low tide as it does at high tide.

  2. Resilience at its finest! This bird, on behalf of all of them, still looks majestic regardless. Glad to see there’s still much food/fish to be had.

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