A Place In The Sun

All the area reptiles were thrilled as were the rest of us to finally see the sun today.

We were moving lizards off our screen porch all morning, the turtles were up and out all around our backyard ponds, and of course the alligators at the marsh were all trying to find the perfect spot to soak up some long anticipated sunshine.

The gators were struggling a bit just to find a piece of dry land to nap on and that was at a premium. Many ended up laying down on the mats of dried reeds that the storm and abnormally high tide deposited along the edges of the salt marsh.

The birds were there as well. Here, a great blue heron keeps an eye on a napping alligator and then a short while later, the GBH left the scene replaced by an egret, and one more gator moved in to claim his small slice of (somewhat) dry real estate.

Having A Place in the Sun

Having A Place in the Sun

5 thoughts on “A Place In The Sun

  1. Great images on this nice sunny day! People here often ask how the birds can be so brave, standing right next to a gator. I’ve heard that they might somehow sense the gator has eaten recently and probably isn’t hungry. But they often seem too close for comfort. 😳

    • I sometimes think these birds get too complacent around the alligators. They are going to get into trouble if they fly somewhere else where the gators are not as friendly. Yikes!

    • Everybody is in a good mood today because the sun came back and the day was beautiful.
      The goats are fine, here is a shot of two of them from yesterday evening. It looks like someone brought them popcorn. 🙂

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