Bath Day

Well the local birds clearly decided that is was bath day in the salt marsh this afternoon.

I saw an egret, several wood storks, and a couple of white ibis all taking advantage of the beautiful day to bathe and then use the warm sun to dry off.

These are also birds I rarely see bathe and splash around in the water so it was an interesting and exciting treat. I suppose it’s possible that much of the wildlife is finally breathing a sigh of relief that the severe rain and wind is now behind us, and they can afford the luxury of sprucing themselves up a bit. 🙂

Bath Day in the Salt Marsh

Bath Day in the Salt Marsh

Bath Day in the Salt Marsh

5 thoughts on “Bath Day

  1. Great shots, Phil. I’m
    Wondering if the recent flooding, increased polution and insects are driving the birds
    To bathe???

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