Blending In…At First

Nice warm day with clear, bright blue sky and this great blue heron was doing a nice job of laying low and blending in among the reeds at the salt marsh.

But, as soon as he decides to jump off in search of greener pastures (or in his case, nicer fish) the cover is blown and his presence is immediately detected in the wide open spaces of the sky. 

GBH Nice Day 01

GBH Nice Day 02

3 thoughts on “Blending In…At First

  1. Beautiful images as always, Phil. We have had one visit our ponds here on our property a couple of times over the last ten days or so. Gorgeous and fun to watch – except when I see them gobbling back what looks to be one of our all-too-scarce rough-skinned newts or red-legged frogs!! Then I’m not quite so happy to share our space with them.

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