Morning At The Salt Marsh

We decided to go over to check things out at the salt marsh yesterday. Fairly quiet, but there were a few things going on.

This one snowy egret was extremely active and flying all over the place. He seemed to really enjoy having most of the marsh to himself for once.

Next an alligator picked out this moment to climb up out of the marsh and take a slow stroll across the causeway. We also noticed that the gator was making appropriate use of the crosswalk marked out on the road. How very polite and conscientious of him!

And a cormorant was enjoying the freshest shrimp in the inlet!

A pleasant morning was being had by all. 




8 thoughts on “Morning At The Salt Marsh

  1. AND your images allowed the rest of us to have a good morning at the salt marsh as well. Thank you for getting out there, capturing these images and sharing with us. It is good to see your posts any time you are able to post!

  2. There is always such beautiful detail in your photos, Phil – and what a well brought up Gator, his mum would be proud of him! SO good to see your post! All best wishes to you and Alyce.

  3. That would be so relaxing to watch the wildlife going about their daily business, thank you for the beautiful photos.

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