Isn’t He Just The Cutest Little Thing Ever?!?

While our alligator friend is enjoying a nice quiet snooze at the edge of the swamp, a little Pied-billed Grebe goes casually floating by.

I just thought he was so cute! Oh, and I suppose the little grebe is cute as well. πŸ™‚Β 

Alligator and PB Grebe in Swamp

47 thoughts on “Isn’t He Just The Cutest Little Thing Ever?!?

  1. A friend just opted to head south to FL this winter to escape the nasty storms in MA. She has a small dog and has been told about the ‘gators snatching dogs even on leash. She is scared to death to take her dog walking. You being the alligator expert, any advice?

    • It can happen and it does happen. But anyone just has to use common sense. Alligators can be opportunists. They won’t necessarily come bounding out of a pond just because they saw a small dog on a leash. But… if you are walking your dog along the edge of a pond that’s known to have alligators, don’t let the dog sniff over by some weeds where Mister A may be lurking. Because a gator that may have been sleeping but suddenly finds a small dog walking across his nose might take that opportunity to snatch it.
      People that do get jumped by gators at golf courses and such had that happen because people have been feeding and or harassing the gator. Normally the gator would just prefer to be left alone.

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